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Jobs That Require Selling (But Don’t Have Sales In the Title)

Elyssa Andrus
By Elyssa Andrus
What’s your dream job? Sports agent? Fashion blogger? Rap mogul? CEO? Whatever those big dreams you’re dreaming, there’s a secret for getting there faster. Get a sales job. Seriously. Here are just 25 of the careers where a strong sales background will put you a cut above the rest. 1. Advertising executive Life’s a pitch as an advertising executive. Whether you are previewing a campaign for a client or pitching…

Set Up Your Office Space for Success { Part 2 }

Ryan Long
By Ryan Long
  First impressions Whether you like it or not, people judge based on first impressions. Your recruiting assistants work hard to get applicants scheduled. So make sure your receptionist area looks professional and legit. Go outside and walk in as if you are an applicant. What is the first thing an applicant will see when they walk in? Neat and tidy desks? Smiling people? Or a mess of phone cords,…

Set Up Your Office Space for Success

Ryan Long
By Ryan Long
It’s late spring and the smell of summer, sales reps, and CPO is in the air! For brand new managers, one of the first things you need to do is set up your office space so that you can start running interviews. If you’re like most young business owners, you’ve never put an office together at all. You’ve been to some Vector offices (and various other business offices) so you…

Hearing No: What the Girl Scouts Can Teach Us About Rejection

Ryan Long
By Ryan Long
Every year in the early spring, the Girl Scouts come out to peddle their little boxes of goodness … I mean, cookies. They stand in their uniforms outside of grocery stores at the tables and in wee voices ask, “Do you want some cookies?” And I always, always, always, say “NO.” What a mean lady! Nah, they hear “no” about a million times a day. I’m confident that more people…

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