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Dear Broke Students...

It doesn't have to be this way. In fact...

Just because most high school and college students are broke doesn't mean you have to be. Learn how to make career-like income without killing your GPA. Find out how...

Here’s why you should attend the NEXT Vector conference

Kevin Weiss
By Kevin Weiss
  You have to go! Ask any rep who has been to a Vector conference and they’ll tell you the same thing, “you have to go!” Brooke Peters, an Assistant Manager from York, PA, was referred to Cutco by a friend, and was lucky enough to attend a Year End Banquet conference (YEB) during her first 10 days selling Cutco. Vector events are like adult pep rallies! They give you…

7 Ways to Screw Up Your Summer Job Search

Elyssa Andrus
By Elyssa Andrus
John Wasserman wants to help you find work. Yeah, you. A Philadelphia-based division manager for Vector Marketing, Wasserman has spent more than two decades recruiting and training college students. In that time, he’s interviewed thousands of people for their first “real” work experience. He knows a thing or two about what it takes to go from résumé to interview to wow-I-feel-like-a-grown-up because I wear a suit to the office. In…

Branding in Your Underwear

Ryan Long
By Ryan Long
Photo credit: Jonathan Van Matre   Undies for a Good Cause “Why is she always in her underwear?” “Well, let me tell you …” Yep, that was a conversation about me between my roommate and a mutual friend. I later laughed and joked that I’m only in my underwear in public one day a year, for a good cause, although the photos live on forever on Facebook and the rest…

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