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Dear Broke Students...

It doesn't have to be this way. In fact...

Just because most high school and college students are broke doesn't mean you have to be. Learn how to make career-like income without killing your GPA. Find out how...

Thinking and Doing: Becoming What You Think About

Dan Casetta
By Dan Casetta
woman thinking 200x200 Earl Nightingale wrote it 60 years ago in The Strangest Secret: “You become what you think about.” If this statement were entirely true, then one might suggest that there would be no long-term poverty in the world and no starving people. Surely, people who are poor and/or starving constantly think about breaking free from their condition and truly desire to do so. So, what makes the difference in why some…

Confidence Can Be Developed with the Right Opportunity

By Fred Glaeser
confidence giving speech 200x200 I remember high school very well; those moments stepping over the cracks in the floor, being scared to give my speech in Public Speaking class, and making myself almost invisible in the back corner of the room. People knew who I was, yet I had few true friends. I’ve always been a hard-worker; someone who always had their homework done and paid attention in class. But I rarely participated. My…

7 Tips for Sales Success

Drew Frank
By Drew Frank
tips for success 200x200 At a recent conference I was fortunate to give a message to our entire management staff. Here are seven tips for success in sales that I shared with them that can be applied to any sales positions. 1. Visualization Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you know what your goal will feel like when you hit it? I already know what it feels like for the South…

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score—PART I

Adam Stock
By Adam Stock
good credit score 200x200 What is a credit score? It’s a composite score from three different Credit Bureaus that indicates to lenders how likely you are to be able to repay a loan. In other words: Your credit score is a symbol of your financial responsibility. Your credit score (measured from 300 to 850) is also known as your FICO score. FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, the company that invented this industry standard.…

Leadership Lessons: Be Nice – Our World Depends on It

Dan Casetta
By Dan Casetta
water ripple droplet 200x200 We all bring energy to the world around us, either positive or negative. This energy spreads from person to person like a ripple in a pond spreads to all edges of the pond. Whether you realize it or not, each of us has a profound effect on the world, merely through the influence we have on the people around us every day. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting…

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