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Spring Campaign, 1999

  1. Steve Heroux
    Bentley College
  2. Lisa McNamara
    Middle Tennessee State University
  3. Mike Prozy
    Youngstown Sate University
  4. Yolleta Fomocod
    California State University
  5. Crystal Skadron
    Moorpark College
  6. Adam Curchack
    California State University
  7. Bryan O’Donnell
    University Of Nebraska
  8. John Anecharico
    Towson State University
  9. Jo Beth Burrell
    Auburn University
  10. Ketsy Clarkson
    Arizona State University
  11. Ashley Anding
    Tom Ball Community College
  12. Philip Bohlender
    Brigham Young University
  13. Jason Baugh
    University Of Central Florida
  14. Jard Thompson
    Utah State University
  15. Jennifer Eakle
    University Of Maryland College Park
  16. Brenda Foondle
    Northern Arizona University
  17. Matthew Gauss
    University Of Northern Iowa
  18. Tanya Tatum
    North Carolina Agriculture & Tech University
  19. Tony King
    University Of Texas
  20. Justin Nogarr
    Los Medanos College
  21. Geri Azinger
    Southwest Missouri State
  22. Robert Robincheck
    Owens Technical College
  23. Michael Saywer
    University Of Texas
  24. Mark Wise
    Ball State University
  25. Dana Stamm
    Grove City College
  26. Summer Campaign, 1999

    1. Adam Curchack
      Sonoma State University
    2. JohnSwartz
      Pacific Union College
    3. Michael Mahon
      University Of Virginia
    4. Adam Lowery
      Texas A&M University
    5. Tray Traynor
      University Of Georgia
    6. Ivan Douttchak
      University Of Washington
    7. Angie Nelson
      University Of Minnesota
    8. Marisa Donnelly
      Duke University
    9. Matthew Mish
      University Of Michigan
    10. Jonathan Ramos
      Texas A&M International University
    11. Emily Deskin
      Univesity Of Texas
    12. Amy Coelho
      University Of San Diego
    13. Robert North
    14. Jason Williams
      Emory University
    15. Seth Piken
      Boston College
    16. Courtney Lyons
      Bradford College
    17. Nicholas Chillemi
      University Of Florida
    18. Carlton Walker
      College Of Charleston
    19. Katherine Schwager
      Marquette University
    20. Chad Hallett
      Indiana University
    21. Lise McNamara
      Middle Tennessee State University
    22. Pedro Serra
      Boston College
    23. Ruth Chong
      Southern Polytechnic State
    24. Stephanie Holtz
      Santa Clara University
    25. Rico Silvetti
      Lehigh University
    26. Nate Brigham
      Butler University
    27. Stacie Rappleye
      Brigham Young University
    28. Cecil Ajel
      Trinity College
    29. Roger Stojsic
      Colombia College
    30. Jeffrey Howard
      Presbyterian College
    31. Kelsey Kolberg
      Merced College
    32. Danielle Clark
      Biola University
    33. Brad Horst
      College Of Wooster
    34. Michael Alfred
      Stanford University
    35. Daniel Grantham
      Florida State University
    36. Jesse Richman
      Pennsylvania State University
    37. Jennifer Baker
      Mercer University
    38. Kimberly Coventry
      Northwood Institute
    39. Travis Armes
      Berry College
    40. Matthew King
      Gardner-Webb College
    41. Dawn Lain
      University Of North Carolina
    42. Orsolya Trizna
      Texas Christian University
    43. Angel Nieves
      Nova College
    44. Jeff Herrick
      Texas A&M University
    45. Robert Robincheck
      Owens Technical College
    46. Erwin Mangubat
      Univerity Of Illinois
    47. Milton Hamer III
      Louisiana State University
    48. David Ewing
      Georgia Institute Of Technology
    49. Margo Myers
      Arizona State University
    50. Michael Sawyer
      University Of Texas
    51. Fall Campaign, 1999

      1. Lise McNamara
        University Of N. Carolina – Charlotte
      2. Brad Weimert
        Washtenau Community College
      3. Margo Myers
        Arizona State University
      4. Martin Reyes
        Stanford University
      5. Angel Nieves
        Nova College
      6. Alice Teng
        University Of California – Davis
      7. Mark Wilson
        University Of Southern California
      8. Michelle Cramer
        Louisiana State University
      9. James Chao
        Southern Polytechnic State
      10. Gina Bevilacqua
        University Of Southern California
      11. Katrina Gimenez
        Ohlone College
      12. John Anecharico
        Towson State University
      13. Robert Todd
        University Of Cincinnati
      14. Erik Fretheim
        University Of Colorado – Boulder
      15. Brian Kwong
        Ohlone College
      16. Michael Sawyer
        University Of Texas – Austin
      17. Kevin Thoresen
        Stetson University
      18. Courtney Lyons
        Bradford College
      19. Brian Richards
        Seminole Community College
      20. Jacob Coon
        Olivet College
      21. Sherri Haley
        Central Piedmont Community College
      22. Chris Csotty
        Eastern Michigan University
      23. Anthony Winters
        Glendale Community College
      24. Melissa Smith
        Hofstra University
      25. Elizabeth Barricklow
        Michigan State University

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