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Spring Campaign, 2003

  1. Bret Barrie
    University of the Pacific
  2. Iavor Ivanov
    San Jose State University
  3. Joe Geneza
    Ohlone Community College
  4. Johann Johnson
    University of Nebraska – Omaha
  5. Jeff Teresi
    University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  6. Franchesca Naimi
    Western Washington University
  7. Tanya Strohmaier
    Washington State University
  8. Ashley Rickman
    University of South Carolina – Columbia
  9. Adrian Quarless
    City of NY Brooklyn College
  10. Andrew Selvaggio
    Columbia College
  11. Katie Fingerhut
    Saint Louis University
  12. Romeo Joson
    California State University – Fullerton
  13. Melissa Hansen
    California State University – San Jose
  14. Christian Warren
    Middle Tennessee State University
  15. Nate Rosinger
    Forsyth Technical Community College
  16. Ryan Austin
    Baker College
  17. Robb Wilson
    University of South Florida
  18. Stephanie Love
    Montgomery County Community College
  19. Christine Lacey
    Ursinus College
  20. Lori Reyna
    Baker College
  21. Nichole Lee
    University of Northern Iowa
  22. Eddy Zepeda
    College of San Mateo
  23. Jeremy Fish
    University of Massachusetts – Lowell
  24. Ryan Reedy
    Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
  25. Ilya Tsay
    University of San Francisco

Summer Campaign, 2003

  1. Franchesca Naimi
    Portland State University
  2. Jeff Teresi
    University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  3. Trev Portlock
    Princeton University
  4. Jacqueline Snyder
    University of California – Irvine
  5. Matthew Friedman
    Shippenburg University
  6. Adam Curchack
    Sonoma State University
  7. Lori Reyna
    Bakersfield College
  8. Brian Geffen
    University of Colorado – Boulder
  9. Ian Liddle
    University of Washington – Seattle
  10. Joe Geneza
    Ohlone Community College
  11. Emma Saunders
    John Hopkins
  12. Jeannine Shipman
    Ithaca College
  13. Lauren Gibbs
    Brown University
  14. Joe Hermann
    Saginaw Valley State University
  15. Joe Wehri
    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  16. Ryan Anderson
    University of San Diego
  17. Chris Papadopoulos
    Florida State University
  18. Ashley Lewis
    University of Missouri – Columbia
  19. Matthew Ruhlman
    Michigan State University
  20. Rebecca Goldstein
    Pennsylvania State University
  21. Laura Langer
    Illinois State University
  22. Amy Campbell
    Indiana University at Bloomington
  23. Lela Gascoigne
    Hamilton College
  24. Julien Dagenais
    Emory University
  25. Julie Izanec
    Florida Atlantic University
  26. Carly Phillips
    Montclair State University
  27. James Viccaro
    University of Chicago
  28. Christina Schranz
    California State University – San Diego
  29. Corrinna Partridge
    SUNY – Stony Brook
  30. Pat Petrini
    University of Arizona
  31. Missy Hiser
    Ferris State University
  32. Matt Recsetar
    College of William and Mary
  33. Jared Sacks
    University of California – Berkeley
  34. Guthrie Bunn
    St. Louis University
  35. Natalie Erwin
    Colin County Community College District
  36. Mitch St. Peter
    Middlebury College
  37. Justina Rossi
    Robert Morris College
  38. Curtis Wills
    America River College
  39. Ari Aberman
    University of Illinois – Champaign
  40. Sarah Wayne
    Art Institute of Boston
  41. Donna Egan
    Boston University
  42. Joel Dolinger
    University of South Carolina – Columbia
  43. Dustin Edge
    North Carolina State University
  44. Sarah Kimball
    Tufts University
  45. Jessica Mojden
    Monmouth College
  46. Katie Fingerhut
    St. Louis University
  47. Kristin Brindley
    Alma College
  48. Adam Stokar
    Lehigh University
  49. Caleb McMillen
    Clearwater Christian College
  50. Robin Coggins
    Williams Smith College

Fall Campaign, 2003

  1. Peter Trudelle
    College of San Mateo
  2. Alexis Autenrieth
    Fullerton College
  3. Jeff Teresi
    University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  4. Lori Reyna
    California State University – Sacramento
  5. Terra Rivard
    Oakland University
  6. Franchesca Naimi
    Portland State University
  7. Eric Cheshier
    California State University – Stanislaus
  8. Ashley Rickman
    University of South Carolina – Columbia
  9. Romeo Joson
    Rancho Santiago Community College
  10. Asher Abraham
    CUNY Queens College
  11. Rachael Osofsky
    University of Oregon
  12. Rich Gilbert
    Illinois State University
  13. Cathy Vazquez
    Palm Beach Atlantic University
  14. Claudia Schranz
    Arizona State University
  15. Jose Arroyo
    University Turabo – Puerto Rico
  16. Darren Grahame
    Broome Community College – Binghamton
  17. Matt Shirey
    State Center Community College – Fresno City
  18. Jon Berghoff
    Northern Virginia Community College
  19. Jason Jeffrey
    Michigan State University
  20. Adrian Quarless
    Brooklyn College
  21. Brian Downes
    Grand Valley Staet University – Birmingham MI
  22. Jim McGowan
    Macomb Community College – South Macomb
  23. Tom McArdle
    University of Florida
  24. Curtis Wills
    American River College
  25. James Holland
    The Ohio State University

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