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We are one of the largest student recruiters in the nation.

85% of our sales reps are students.


Why Students?

We are one of the largest student recruiters in the country, and with good reason:

  • Our schedules are flexible
  • Sales experience helps in any field of study
  • Getting paid weekly is awesome when you’re on a college budget

Flexible Schedules

Since our sales reps are independent contractors, your work schedule is entirely up to you. Whether you want to schedule five appointments in one day or just a couple in one week – it’s your choice.

Many of our sales reps work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer or winter break, but whenever you’re able to work, we’ll provide you with the training and support you need to successfully sell CUTCO®.

Not a student? No worries! Some of our reps are just looking for an opportunity to make up for a lack of hours at another job.

Professional Training

New sales representatives participate in a two or three-day training session at their local office. While training is unpaid, most participants consider it to be a worthwhile experience and a productive use of their time. Basically, it’ll teach you how to sell CUTCO®. Our experienced managers will show you things like business strategies, demonstration techniques, and what you can look forward to as a CUTCO sales rep.

Don’t worry about prior experience – whether you’re a sales pro or you’re just starting your first job, we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

We value learning. One of the ways we encourage our reps to build upon their CUTCO skills is to make the most of our year-round training resources. You’ll have an opportunity to participate in team meetings, attend regional conferences, and regularly meet with your local manager.

All-American Scholarships

Every year, we give away a total of $40,000 to full-time undergraduate students who excel at selling CUTCO®. In the fall and spring, the top 25 students qualify, and during the summer it’s awarded to the top 50.

Don’t worry, no essay is required. But, it takes a ton of hard work and persistence to earn this.

Winners from Summer, 2017

    Summer Campaign, 2017
    1. Kyle Lopes, CSP
      West Valley College
    2. Carter Hayes, CSP
      Virginia Commonwealth University
    3. Francisco Herrera, CSP
      Houston Baptist University
    4. Thomas Jordan, SFSL
      University Of Texas At Austin
    5. Kevin Lee, CSP
      University Of California – Los Angeles
    6. Kamani Randall, SFSL
      Texas A&M University
    7. Abel Joseph, FSM
      Long Island University – C W Post Campus
    8. Alden Sulger, SFSL
      University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor
    9. Patrick Moore, SFSL
      University Of Wisconsin – Madison
    10. Yousef Borno, SFSL
      Colorado State University
    11. Dillon Foley, SFSL
      Providence College
    12. Nick Jordan, SFSM
      Texas A & M University
    13. Veronica Slater, SFSL
      Rutgers. The State University Of New Jersey
    14. Spencer Feuerbach, SFSL
      Loyola University Maryland
    15. Jonah Comeaux, SFSM
      Colorado State University
    16. Larry Wriborg, SFSL
      The University Of Alabama
    17. Colleen Dolan, SFSL
      College Of Saint Benedict
    18. Taylor St. Laurent, SFSM
      University Of Mississippi Main Campus
    19. Austin Baker, SFSL
      Earlham College
    20. Jake Meyer, FSL
      University Of Iowa
    21. Sami Pratt, FSL
      University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor
    22. Grecia Guapillo, FSL
      Saint Mary’s College
    23. Andrew Wiggin, FSL
      Wake Forest University
    24. John Stringer, SFSL
      University Of Massachusetts – Lowell
    25. Victoria Torp, FSL
      Stockton University
    26. Past winners from:
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