My Vector Marketing Experience – Highlighting Brandon Brown

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“What I like about selling CUTCO® is the fact that you have complete control over your schedule and that you’re able to work with other representatives in your office, the division and across the country that challenge you and motivate you to be the best that you possibly can be.

My Vector Marketing Experience :: Brandon Brown [PASADENA, CA]
My Vector Marketing Experience :: Brandon Brown [PASADENA, CA] Brandon Brown has personally sold over $530,000 of Cutco Cutlery with Vector Marketing. Brandon was the #1 All-American Scholarship winner in the fall campaign of 2011, which earned him a nice scholarship for books and other necessities! He shares a couple of thoughts about his experience with Vector Marketing. For more information about Vector Marketing and Cutco, check out: Vector Marketing is the sole distributor of Cutco Cutlery. Cutco has been manufactured in Olean, NY since 1949 and has a FOREVER guarantee. To see what Cutco owners say about their knives, check out this playlist:

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CUTCO is one of the best jobs and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially to anyone who just graduated from high school. I would definitely take the job all over again.

The fact that you’re able to work with some of the best people across the country to challenge and grow yourself as a person makes it one of the best opportunities out there.”