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Work For Students: Gain Valuable Knowledge and Experience Through Vector Marketing
Work For Students: Gain Valuable Knowledge and Experience Through Vector Marketing

Vector Marketing offers exciting and flexible work for students. Vector allows you to gain valuable knowledge and work experience in sales and marketing while selling CUTCO, the world’s finest cutlery. Visit any of the three sites below to learn more about Vector, Cutco, and how you can join our sales force.

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Fun. Challenging. Rewarding. Different.

We sell CUTCO® Cutlery.

Most people who come through our doors have never sold anything before.

For many people who come through our doors, working here is the first real job they’ve ever had!

Not to worry; take comfort in the fact that our managers are trained to help you from day one.

also started as sales reps. In fact, everyone in the company, including our leadership team, started out as sales reps.

Learning how to effectively communicate an idea is an important skill to develop, regardless of your chosen career. So even if your sales experience is limited to elementary school fundraisers, don’t sweat it.

During initial training, we teach you everything you need to know to get you started on the right foot. By the time you’re done, you will be confident and well-prepared to start working.

your first CUTCO practice appointments.

The skills you will learn and the mindset you will develop will stay with you for your entire life, wherever your path leads you.

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